A simple game about eating food on the floor.
This is a playable demo with only one level.
Inspired by Bitsy games.

Game Boy & Mobile In-Browser Controls:

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move
A - Eat
Start - Pause

Non-Mobile In-Browser Controls:

Up/Down/Left/Right or W/A/S/D - Move
Z - Eat
Enter - Pause

*Update* This project is on indefinite hiatus as of summer 2020. I may return to this idea, and I may continue to make it as a Game Boy game, but the game in it's current state will likely be scrapped due to lost game data files.

Install instructions

Download the ROM and play using your favorite GameBoy emulator!


Skittle-Skattle Holiday 2019 Demo GameBoy ROM 1 MB


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I really like the bug, sympatic dude. The teleportation didn't work right (swaps me to the wrong places) and I miss something challenging.