A playable trailer and graphics tech demo for an unorthodox retro platformer.

Made in about two weeks (super-duper part-time) for Nonbinary Game Jam.
The mobile version is included, however it is considerably buggier and the Win/Linux/Mac desktop version is recommended.

Left/Right to Move
Space to Jump

Known Bugs:
- Mobile controls sticking depending on phone/tablet & browser
- Audio issues on HTML5 version on mobile & desktop
- CRT shader is way too noisy on mobile
- Minor graphics issues while not in fullscreen mode on desktop


its-time-to-go-home-windows.zip 50 MB
its-time-to-go-home.AppImage 51 MB
its-time-to-go-home-macos.zip 47 MB
its-time-to-go-home-gdevelop.zip 204 MB

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