This Game Boy demo was made with GB Studio for Scream Jam 2019 by a one-person dev "team" in five days, part-time.

This demo is a (mostly) playable prototype. It's very short, as levels and features had to be cut for the jam deadline. There are major bugs with enemy graphics in both versions, and some minor bugs with sound in the in-browser version.

Game Boy & Mobile In-Browser Controls:

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move
A - Pick Up Item / Use Switch
B - Use Flare
Select - Check Flares
Start - Pause

Non-Mobile In-Browser Controls:

Up/Down/Left/Right or W/A/S/D - Move
Z - Pick Up Item / Use Switch
X - Use Flare
Shift - Check Flares
Enter - Pause

*UPDATE* This project has been abandoned as of spring 2020. However, I will be working on a Game Boy dungeon-crawler in the near future.

Install instructions

This ROM can be run using your favorite Game Boy emulator!


Extract Halloween 2019 Demo (GameBoy ROM) 1 MB